Pork Market Report

Pork output last week rose 4.5% and was 2% larger than the same week a year ago. The USDA is forecasting first and second quarter 2016 pork production to be just 1% bigger than last year but still record large. Pork output will seasonally decline in the coming months. Ham prices found support earlier this month due to Easter holiday processing demand. However, the Easter holiday is early this year. The last three times Easter was before April 1st, the ham markets peaked in mid-February and then moved sharply downward.

Product Description Market Trend Supplies Price vs. Last Year
Live Hogs Increasing Ample Higher
Sow Increasing Ample Higher
Belly (bacon) Increasing Good Higher
Sparerib (4.25 lb & down) Increasing Good Higher
Ham (20-23 lb) Decreasing Good Lower
Ham (23-27 lb) Decreasing Good Lower
Loin (bone in) Decreasing Good Lower
Baby Back Rib (1.75 lb & up) Increasing Good Higher
Tenderloin (1.25 lb) Increasing Good Higher
Boston Butt, untrmd (4-8 lb) Increasing Good Lower
Picnic, untrmd Decreasing Good Lower
SS Picnic, smoker trm. Box Increasing Good Lower
42% Trimmings Decreasing Good Lower
72% Trimmings Decreasing Good Higher

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