Beef Market Report

112a Choice Beef Ribeye (heavy)Beef output during the winter and spring is forecasted by the USDA to track 3.9% above 2015 but still be 3.2% less than the five year average for the period. Beef demand has been seasonally lethargic both domestically and export. This may keep a lid on the beef markets in the near term. However, history suggests that the beef markets could begin to rise shortly and buyers should prepare for the upcoming grilling season. The USDA choice boxed beef cutout has bottomed in mid-February four of the last five years. The five year average move for the choice 180 0x1 strip between now and early June is a rise of 45%.

Product Description Market Trend Supplies Price vs. Last Year
Live Cattle Decreasing Short Lower
Feeder Cattle Index (CME) Decreasing Short Lower
Ground Beef 81/19 Increasing Good Lower
Ground Chuck Decreasing Good Lower
109 Export Rib (ch) Increasing Good Higher
109 Export Rib (pr) Decreasing Good Lower
112a Ribeye (ch) Increasing Good Higher
112a Ribeye (pr) Increasing Good Lower
114a Chuck, Shlder Cld (ch) Decreasing Good Lower
116 Chuck (sel) Decreasing Good Lower
116 Chuck (ch) Decreasing Good Lower
116b Chuck Tender (ch) Increasing Good Lower
120 Brisket (choice) Decreasing Good Lower
120a Brisket (ch) Decreasing Good Lower
121c Outside Skirt (ch/sel) Increasing Good Lower
121d Inside Skirt (ch/sel) Increasing Good Lower
121e Cap & Wedge Increasing Good Lower
167a Knckle, Trimmed (ch) Decreasing Good Lower
168 Inside Round (ch) Decreasing Good Lower
169 Top Round (ch) Increasing Good Lower
171b Outside Round (ch) Decreasing Good Lower
174 Short Loin (ch 0x1) Increasing Good Lower
174 Short Loin (pr 2×3) Decreasing Good Lower
180 1×1 Strip (ch) Increasing Good Higher
180 1×1 Strip (pr) Steady Good Lower
180 0x1 Strip (ch) Decreasing Good Lower
184 Top Butt, boneless (ch) Increasing Good Lower
184 Top Butt, boneless (pr) Decreasing Good Lower
185a Sirloin Flap (ch) Decreasing Good Lower
185c Loin, Tri-Tip (ch) Decreasing Good Lower
189a Tender (sel, 5 lb & up) Decreasing Good Lower
189a Tender (ch, 5 lb &up) Increasing Good Higher
189a Tender (pr, heavy) Increasing Good Lower
193 Flank Steak (ch) Decreasing Good Higher
50% Trimmings Decreasing Good Lower
65% Trimmings Decreasing Good Lower
75% Trimmings Increasing Good Lower
85% Trimmings Increasing Short Lower
90% Trimmings Decreasing Short Lower
90% Imported Beef (frz) Increasing Good Lower
95% Imported Beef (frz) Increasing Good Lower
Veal Rack (Hotel 7 rib) Decreasing Good Lower
Veal Top Round (cap off) Decreasing Good Lower


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