Poultry Market Report – March 2016

Poultry Graph 1

Chicken output for the week ending February 20th declined .5% but was 8.6% larger than the same week last year. Solid chicken production expansion versus 2015 is weighing on most of the chicken markets. The ARA Chicken Wing Index has fallen over $.10 a pound during the last week. Further, the ARA Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Index has declined to its least expensive level since the fall of 2006. Chicken breast prices at these historic lows make it very difficult for chicken producers to achieve a sustainable margin. Thus, if the inexpensive chicken breast prices persist, it is very likely that chicken output will be slowed in the not-so-distant future. And that would be supportive of the entire chicken market complex.

Product Description Market Trend Supplies Price vs. Last Year
Whole Birds 2.5-3 lb-GA)             Steady Good Same
Wings (whole) Decreasing Good Lower
Wings (jumbo, cut) Decreasing Good Higher
Wing Index (ARA) Decreasing Good Lower
Breast, Bone In Decreasing Good Lower
Breast, Boneless Skinless Decreasing Good Lower
Breast Boneless Index (ARA) Decreasing Good Lower
Tenderloin (random) Decreasing Good Lower
Tenderloin (sized) Steady Good Lower
Legs (whole) Decreasing Good Lower
Legs Quarters Decreasing Good Lower
Leg Quarters Index (ARA) Decreasing Good Lower
Thighs, Bone In Increasing Good Lower
Thighs, Boneless Increasing Good Lower


Product Description Market Trend Supplies Price vs. Last Year
Large (dozen)     Steady Short Lower
Medium (dozen) Steady Short Lower
Whole Eggs-Liquid Decreasing Short Higher
Egg Whites-Liquid Increasing Short Higher
Egg Yolks-Liquid Decreasing Short Higher


Product Description Market Trend Supplies Price vs. Last Year
Whole Turkeys (8-16 lb) Increasing Short Higher
Turkey Breast Bnls/Sknls Decreasing Short Higher


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